Fire Emblem Heroes Wins Google Play Best Game Of 2017 Award

Google Play awards for Japan were recently given out during the Play Time 2017 event, and the Best of 2017 Award went to Fire Emblem Heroes.

Shingo Matsushita from Nintendo, and Kouhei Maeda from Intelligent Systems were present to receive the awards. Upon receiving the award Matsushita said, “We are surprised. We thought we were not going to win anything, so we are very happy. We will continue to strive to satisfy our players from Japan and all around the world.”

Matsushita and Maeda were also given a short interview by Famitsu. Here are some highlights:

Famitsu: Nintendo has recently been developing and releasing several smartphone games, but what are the biggest differences between making a console game and a smartphone game?

Kouhei Maeda, Intelligent Systems: “After console games are released, things usually settle down. The overall impressions from players usually take a while to form, but when releasing a new update for smartphone games consumer feedback comes in on the day of release. I think this is the biggest difference.”

Famitsu: There are probably many people who will be encouraged to start playing the game due to this award. Do you have a message for these people?

Shingo Matsushita, Nintendo: “Please start from Book 2. (laughs) You will receive a strong character, which can help you enjoy the game more. We will continue to adjust the game so that new players can enjoy the game as well. Please look forward to it.”

Apart from Fire Emblem Heroes, here are the other award winners:

Best App


Top 5 User Voted

– Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!

– A3!

– Azur Lane

– Idolm@ster Million Live! Theatre Days

– Minna no Golf


Top Exciting Game

– Winning Eleven 2018


Top Attractive Game

– Bang Dream! Girls Band Party


Top Indie Game

– A Girl Adrift


Top Creative Game

– Another Eden


Top Cute & Casual Game

– Magikarp Jump


Top Family Game

– Cars: Lightning League


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iPhone and Android.