Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 9 Spoilers – Who Will End up Saving Eloise from the Tower?

More details will be revealed about the fate of Eloise a.k.a. Rapunzel (Meegan Warner) in the upcoming episode of “Once Upon a Time.”

In the episode titled “One Little Tear,” the promo shows Rapunzel screaming her heart out while trapped in her tower. With her is Mother Gothel (Emma Booth), who gloatingly informs her that the time has come for her to fulfill her promise in exchange for her family’s protection. Rapunzel’s tear drenched face is testament to how terrified she is of what is about to happen. No one knows where she is and how to find her. As Gothel reminds her, there is no other way out of the tower. Rapunzel is well and truly stuck, unless a hero arrives to free her from captivity.

Fans of the series are still reeling from last episode’s revelation that Alice (Rose Reynolds) is indeed Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) daughter. Her mother is Gothel, who disguised herself as Rapunzel to seduce the pirate into sleeping with her. Reynolds talked to Entertainment Weekly about the shocker, stating that she knew beforehand that O’Donoghue’s character was Alice’s father. What she was not aware of, she revealed, was Gothel’s betrayal. Reynolds also talked about how the duo’s Hyperion Heights counterparts would soon learn the truth about their connection.

“Tilly and Rogers introduced themselves over chess,” Reynolds said. “Chess has a major part to play in their father-daughter relationship or lack thereof, and Tilly comes to rely on those moments. The game connects them. I don’t know how Tilly will react when she comes to understand that Rogers is actually her father, but on some level, I think she already knows.”

Previously, Hook revealed to Emma (Jennifer Morrison) that he and his daughter secretly played chess while she was being held by an evil witch. Aside from the father and daughter revelation, the episode is also expected to shed some light on why Gothel is working with Drizella (Adelaide Kane).

“Once Upon a Time” season 7, episode 9 will air on Friday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.