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WWE: Details On Rich Swann Arrest Released By Police

Last night, WWE 205 Live superstar Rich Swann was arrested in Gainesville, Florida, on charges of battery and false imprisonment. We now know the details, and it doesn’t look like fans should expect Swann to remain a part of the WWE roster.

Overnight, Rich Swann was arrested by police and held in jail on charges of battery and false imprisonment. No other details were released, but the Gainesville Police Department decided to make the arrest report public due to all of the requests from the media for details.

I’ve linked the full arrest report here so you can sort through it for yourself.

The victim is Swann’s wife and Shine Wrestling’s Su Yung, who was being critiqued by the 205 Live star after running a show in the area. He was allegedly getting so heated that the victim feared for her safety and left the car, but Swann stopped the car in traffic and chased her back. He put her into a headlock and pushed her into the car.

Per the arrest report, two separate witness corroborated her story, with one of them noting that the victim “seemed very afraid” of Swann.

Yung told the police that she “was afraid”, because Swann “has a temper sometimes”.

Swann’s side of the story is that Yung got into the car on her own accord, and he stated that he never touched her. The former Cruiserweight Champion explained that because her phone has the GPS, he needed her to be in the car with him.

The WWE has a zero-tolerance policy on domestic abuse, and this is exactly what this case is. The charge for false imprisonment stems from Swann forcing the victim into the car, and the battery charge is self-explanatory.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the WWE releases a statement now that this is public, and I would fully expect Swann to be released shortly. He may be a somewhat important piece of 205 Live, but he is an expendable talent.

I doubt the WWE will wait for the investigation to close, since two witnesses saw the events unfold, and, again, Swann isn’t valuable to the company financially.




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